Keep your YouTube links working forever by replacing “” or “” with “” in your links and our systems will monitor and make sure your link will be able to redirect to a working video, whether embedded or used as a standalone link, with the restored version hosted on YouTube or elsewhere depending on the situation.

This is not very different from a link shortening service like,, or since the links will simply direct to the original YouTube link by default. Our systems will monitor the videos though to see if they go down, and if they do, we may be able to redirect the link or even upload our backup of the video to another service like BitChute based on the nature of the content. Cases of outright censorship will take priority, but we will at least be able to also show more information about the video that went down when we detect that it did. We will probably have a backup of your video, but for legal reasons we will not specify which videos we actually do have backups of, we want to stay within the law.

I’ve been annoyed by watching my favorite YouTube videos randomly go down for the last decade, and figured I would do something permanent about it.

We also haveĀ  a WordPress Plugin to automatically turn this on for all YouTube videos already on your WordPress site.